The Adventures of a Military Brat book series takes readers into the exciting world of a military child.

Each book highlights the unique challenges of growing up in a military family. Join our characters as they turn these challenges into opportunities and build resilience through positive messages.

My Military Life

Join a brave boy as he shares the challenges and opportunities of growing up as a military brat.Follow him as he reunites with his family, anticipates an upcoming move, adjusts to his father’s recent return, makes new friends, and shows pride demonstrating military traditions.My Military Life presents a perfect opportunity to share the unique culture of growing up in a military family with non-military children.Click the image above to purchase a copy now!

The Big Move

Ride along with a courageous young girl as she faces the challenges of a military family move.Learn how she says goodbye to friends, cherishes favorite memories, and prepares for her new home, all while delivering a touching message of hope and optimism.Click the image above to purchase a copy now!

More Military Brat Books are on the way!

We are working on multiple book topics including:- Gold Star Children
- Pre-deployment
- During deployment
- Post-deployment
and much much more!

Our Origin Story

Every hero has a great origin story and Adventures of a Military Brat is just the same!Click below to visit our Fully Funded Kickstarter Campaign and discover how this amazing children's book series was created!

About the Authors

The authors of The Adventures of a Military Brat series are a husband and wife team with two military brats of their own.

Dr. Johanna Gomez

Dr. Johanna Gomez is a military spouse and licensed Mental Health Counselor. Johanna has dedicated her life to supporting military families, both in her personal and professional career.

Daniel Gomez

Daniel Gomez is a US Army Special Operations Officer and Combat Veteran. A proven leader and certified military instructor, Danny specializes in both education and training.

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